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What is your Mustard Seed

In church (Waterford Weslyan) this week one of the Bible Verses mentions the mustard seed and it got me thinking that our faith today might depend on some small thing in our past.  Actually I have two things that I think contributed to my current faith.   The first is that I was raised in […]

St John Presbyterian – Tampa FL

St John Presbyterian – Tampa FL POSTED ON JANUARY 26, 2018 UPDATED ON JANUARY 26, 2018 This is the church I grew up in many, many, many, many (is that enough?) years ago. A small church but with a congregation that worked tirelessly to serve the community.    Besides the church building on their property they have a Walk In […]

Church Tomorrow

Since I am the greeter at church tomorrow I will be going no matter what.  But with this super cold weather we are having part of me will want to stay home with a hot cup of coffee and a sweater or something on.    I know there are times I fall into the trap […]

Ken Davis and Super Sheep

  I have loved Ken Davis since I first heard him on Focus on the Family with Dr Dobson.    I have since bought a number of CD’s so I could listen to him in my car and he is always worth a listen.   I hope you enjoy  these as much as I have – […]

Thoughts on Church

Made it to church last Sunday;  actually I had to go because it was my turn to be the Greeter.  Even at my age that is something I can do;  smile say Good Morning and hand them a bulletin.   I am not be nature an outgoing person so this is a good way for me […]

Today’s Church

Yes,  I am going to start whining again.   I do miss the old hymns and wish they would sing them once in a while.    I am getting somewhat used to the new music and the guitars and  things but I look around sometimes and none of the congregation is singing along with the new […]

My Wish

I wish that there was a church that still played the old hymns like we enjoyed many years ago.  Everyone today has the contemporary style modern music.  I admit you do see more young people at those churchs (including mine – Waterford Wesleyan Church) but on many Sundays as I look around people are not […]