House by the Side of the Road

Beautiful poem by Sam Walter Foss.  It was my dads favorite poem and also one of mine.   “I want to live in a house by the side of the road and be a friend to man”   Advertisements

From Blog “Beauty Beyond Bones” – Divine Mercy: Prayer Through Pain

This post is a copy / paste from a blog I read regularly.    This young lady always has a very thoughtful and special message.    The link below will take you directly to her blog and you can browse all of her posts.  But for my purpose right now I am going to copy […]

I Saw God – Ferlin Husky

An old country song I love. I dearly wish todays artists had the faith and values that the older artist did.

Chick on the Right – The View Mocks Christians

Yep I love reading the “Chicks On The Right” and have for quite some time now.    Just like President Trump they speak for me and to me all the time.   This latest article is really great and I felt the need to share it on my blogs.    Here is a link to […]

The Things Men Do – Rod McKuen

The Things Men Do Rod McKuenFrom the album “Sold Out – Rod McKuen Live at Carnegie Hall”, 1969 (I still have this original record – it is one of my favorites) It makes me cry to see the things Some men do to one another Makes me cry to see the things some men do. […]

St John Presbyterian – Tampa FL

St John Presbyterian – Tampa FL POSTED ON JANUARY 26, 2018 UPDATED ON JANUARY 26, 2018 This is the church I grew up in many, many, many, many (is that enough?) years ago. A small church but with a congregation that worked tirelessly to serve the community.    Besides the church building on their property they have a Walk In […]

It’s Sunday and I am Skipping Church

I just didn’t feel like moving much this morning so I am going to stay here and not move for a while (ok a long while).    I guess I am a bit depressed.   And I am testing a new program to post to my blogs (Windows Live Writer).