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Wisdom from Facebook

I asked Pastor Duke a while back if it was OK if I shared some of his postings on Facebook and he said it was OK by him.     I’m glad because his postings are like gold and packed full of wisdom.

  1. Duke Hergatt
  2. Have ya noticed that “Good and evil often run on parallel tracks and often arrive about the same time.” ….All through Scripture, history and our lives. Careful not to focus on the evil..just look over to the other track.

Adam Rodriguez

Sometimes when I’m ministering to a person, I don’t tell them what God can do for them, but I tell them what God has done for me, it leads them into asking questions like, how do you do that (Then There Goes that open door )there are so many ways to minister to a person, without cramming the word of God down their throat



“Jesus ” hold my hand, there is so much I want to talk to you about, then I’ll stop and listen as you speak



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