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Church Ramblings

I can’t help but to keeping comparing today’s church to the traditional church I grew up in.

There is no pulpit at the front of the church, just a stage filled with musical instruments and the preacher stage on the stage or kind of wanders around. Speaking of the preacher they don’t wear the tradition robes anymore, just a casual shirt and slacks.

The music is more modern Christian music that most of us (at lease in the older crowd) have never heard of. Traditional hymns are rarely sang but the younger folks like it so it does have it’s benefits. I have noticed though when I look around that most people are not singing along with the music; so the modern music is not inspiring people to participate in the service by singing.

In the church I am currently going to, the pews were taken out and replaced with rows of chairs. The chairs “are” more comfortable than the wooden pews were but as an old fart I do not like change.

I do like the screen at the front of the church showing the song lyrics and other information, but, I do wish they would increase the font size just a bit and leave each slide on just a couple seconds more.

A lot of churches have moved the service time around to accommodate peoples other activities. I am sorry but it seems to me people can and should sacrifice that hour or so to God and not have the Church/God sacrifice for us.

In the old days there was also a responsive reading where the Pastor or Elder would read part of it and the congregation would read the response to it. This allowed the congregation to participate and become a part of the service.

I know that church will never be like they were when I was growing up, I’ve attended enough churches in recent years to know that those traditional churches do not exist anymore.


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