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What Church To Belong To

Since leaving my last church I have been going off and on to a local Weslyan church and it looks like I might just join it in the future. I feel comfortable there and have attended a couple small groups so I have been slowly meeting people and talking with them. I really wish I could find a local church that is more similar to the one I grew up in but those traditional churches just do not exist anymore.

I have gotten kind of used to the modern Christian music that contemporary churches play/sing. But I do wish that sometimes I could hear the old hymns that I remember from days gone by. One thing I have noticed is that while people like the modern music they really don’t sing along they just listen, tap their fingers etc but don’t actually get into singing them and yes sometimes I do kind of look around while trying not to be too obvious about it.

I guess I am at that time of life where I look backward more than I look forward, or maybe I just resist change. Anyway it looks like I will be joining the Waterford Weslyan Church at some point in the future.


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