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Poem by James Kavanaugh

I’m Gonna Sit Here I’m gonna sit here     Till passion returns      And tells me where to go.I don’t care if it’s Heaven     or hell or home,I don’t care if it’s work     or play or sex,I don’t care if it’s rich     or poor or madnessI don’t even care     if it’s riding a white horse naked on […]

School play depicts rape, filthy language and public urination

     By Todd Starnes     Published May 11, 2016 Carnegie Vanguard High School’s one act play had a little something for everyone: depictions of male-on-male rape, male-on-female rape, filthy language, on-stage urination, and an actress who simulated wiping her private parts at center stage. Oh yes, there was also a scene where a male cast member […]

Our Culture

Our culture is a mess. We see Christians punished for living out their faith. In our colleges, critical thinking is out and students are indoctrinated by leftist professors. Our TV, films and music are sexualized beyond belief. Violence is escalating in our cities. And there seems to be no room for Jesus anywhere. What’s a […]

Franklin Graham: ‘The Persecution of Christians Is Escalating’

By Franklin Graham   •   May 9, 2016 Dear Friend, The persecution of Christians is escalating worldwide. A recent survey found that in just the past year, more than 7,100 believers were killed for their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. In many countries, they are being systematically tortured and slaughtered by Islamic radicals hellbent on […]

Devotional from The Upper Room

Today’s Devotional I am “Omo Ogbomoso” — a child of Ogbomoso — born in a mission guest house in Nigeria. My family left my childhood home when I was twelve, and I thought I was never to return. Imagine my joy when the opportunity to visit presented itself nearly 40 years later. When I visited, […]

From Facebook–Pastor Duke

Duke Hergatt When God set up a Government provision was made for the poor. Corners of the fields were left unharvested. It was free for the taking but the poor needed to do their own harvest and food preservation. It was workfare and not welfare. Their was no government redistribution if wealth. There were no […]