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You Never Realize What You Have Until It’s Lost

From BLOG “Sincerely Reine”

I liked this posting so much I wanted to share it with the world. . . . . OK I realize not many people actually read my blog but hey those that do will like this one from Reine. . .

I have this friend whom I’ve known since about 7th grade. I was still living in Canada, and we weren’t that close then, but ever since I moved I feel like our friendship got stronger. There were my other friends from Canada also, who I talked to from time to time last year, but slowly they all started to fade away and Ariel ( not her real name ) was the only one who stuck with me. We talk everyday. She tells me about her day, and I tell her about mine. We’re on very different time zones, but somehow we make it work.

Then there’s yesterday, when we were talking on snapchat (snapchat is an app where you send photos with words on them, basically like texting except there always has to be a picture). I saw her view my snaps, and she wouldn’t reply back. She did reply twice, but it was just a blank black picture with no words. I was really worried that I did something that made her  angry at me but today, I texted her and it was like nothing had happened. We had our normal conversation and everything went back to normal. I didn’t ask her about why she was ignoring me… yet.

Looking back, I was worried for absolutely no reason. It’s situations like these that make you realize how much someone can mean to you. I’m thankful that Ariel stuck with me and became one of my best friends. Now that I’m talking about it, I’m realizing that there is a lot of people out there that mean a lot to me, but they don’t necessarily know that. Appreciate your friends, your family and those who care about you because you might never realize what you have until it’s lost.
All the love


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