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Tim Tebow – Classy Man

Tim Tebow Throws 200 Proms for People with Special Needs — Here’s His Date!

David Rufful
January 15, 2016 10:11 p

Tim Tebow is a former NFL star. He’s a Heisman Trophy winner. He’s an ESPN football analyst. He’s a virgin. Most importantly, he’s a Christian.

Tebow lives his life more concerned about being biblically, rather politically correct. He’s more concerned about following the duties, prohibitions and obligations commanded by God, rather than those commanded by man. Humanism and other secular ethic systems not only command a lower behavioral standard, they also have no foundational basis in an actual authority or moral law giver.

Unlike the hypocrites, Tebow doesn’t just give lip service to his belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. Instead, he leads by example.

From IJReview:

Football star and broadcaster Tim Tebow says everyone needs to feel like they’re special — maybe even a King or a Queen. That’s why he and his foundation are throwing 200 proms for people with special needs throughout the world.

In a video announcing the expansion of the event, Tebow said the proms will be held in host churches:

“We wanted people with special needs to feel important and feel loved. But more importantly, to let them know that there’s a God that loves them … and He has a special plan for their lives.”

Tebow has attended a couple of his ‘Night to Shine’ proms in the past, escorting young women and shining men’s shoes:


This year they’re growing the program by five times and are in need of thousands of volunteers to chaperone and help organize the February 12th events.

Tebow says the event is biblical, citing Paul’s letter to the Philippians where Christians are commanded to “make our joy complete” by being of the same mind, by being of the same love, united in spirit intent on one purpose.

‘Night to Shine’ is about God’s love and purpose for humanity, according to Tebow.

Once again Tebow proves he’s a class act and godly man. Well done.


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