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Church Thoughts from Pastor Duke

Posted on Facebook and copied here with permission.

Duke Hergatt

Yesterday at 8:47am · Waterford, NY ·

Here’s for my prophecy junkie friends. An oft overlooked word from Jeremiah about the Edomites who were descendants of Esau..Jacob’s twin brother. 49:15..I will make you small AMONG the nations, despised among mankind. The Edomites became Idumean people on the east side of the Sea of Galilee whom Jesus visited. Today they are the Palestinian people who are NOT a nation but live AMONG the Jews and Jordanians today. They are not a nation as they once were. Their defiance of the Abrahamic covenant both then and now have left them forsaken by their “Arab brethren” and despised among mankind…exactly as Jeremiah prophecied 2,600 years ago. Bad choices lead to bad conditions still.


Duke Hergatt

2 hrs · Waterford, NY ·

Oh how religious things can change. My wife grew up Italian Catholic, went to Catholic school K-8, confirmed, confessions and no meat on Friday. She was taught exclusivism..ONLY CATHOLICS GO TO HEAVEN..and only good Catholics. Weak Catholics went to purgatory.
Two Popes ago.. John Paul the VI wrote in his final book.. He feared Catholicism was drifting hard to total apostasy and one of his soon successors would be the false prophet of Revelation 13. I agree with him.
This past summer the present pope invited Islamic imams and clerics into the Vatican and prayed with them toward Mecca in the spirit of conciliation and respect. He said this summer “you don’t need to believe in God to go to heaven..God is love and all expression of love is the expression of God.” The historic exclusivism is gone. Theologically this new position is called Universalism…all religion is God as Long as there is love. It is wildly popular, no doctrine can be excluded EXCEPT ANY AUTHORITATIVE BIBLE DOCTRINE. He is wildly popular and at the human level a genuinely nice, kind and benevolent man. Kind of like an “angel of light”. This is the only theological position that can accommodate the One World Church to fuse with a New World order of Rev 13. I think Pope John Paul could see it all coming. Religion can change on a dime but God’s Word never changes.


NOTE:  as a non Catholic I kind of like the new Pope but this does give me a lot to think about.



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