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Little Things

When I was going overseas in 1967 a relative on my Moms (he was a minister) gave me a copy of a pocket new testament bible.  I am not saying that I always read it a lot – but I kept it with me wherever I was;  it traveled to Colorado, Orlando, Thailand and Plattsburgh to name a few of the places.   Once in a while I would pick it up and open it and read a few passages.   The important thing is that I kept it with me and little did I know it was always somewhere in the back of my mind and working on me from the inside out.  I still pull it out to this day once in a while.   The bottom line is that these “little things” that folks used to do have a profound effect on everyone they touch, maybe not immediately but it is inside them working on them. 

It seems today that churches and church people don’t do the “little things” because they are looking for some huge flashy ministry so they can save the world all in one fell swoop.   I submit to you that a person can touch more people in their lifetime by just doing those little loving things to everyone they meet than all of the flashy ministries they can get involved in.


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