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Christianity – We Need It

Posted on Facebook by a local Pastor Wonder what our forefathers who carved scripture into stone all over our Capitol City would say today about our Government. Isa 59:14..Justice is turned back and righteousness stands far away: for TRUTH HAS STUMBLED IN THE PUBLIC SQUARES and uprightness cannot enter. Truth is lacking and he who […]

Me, Myself and I

I have known for many years that I am boring and unexciting;  a fairly weak person I have always tried to avoid confrontation and don’t push when a lot of men would be pushing.   I really think that my family would be much better off and happier if there was someone else to take my […]

Council of the Lord

Posted on Facebook by a local Pastor:  I wish I had even a tiny bit of the faith that he has. We look out and see aggressive political machines. Evil men vying for power using people’s base nature to seduce them with false promises. We see fraud and depravity and violence both now and throughout […]


Founding Pastor of a local church: In my quiet time in the Psalms Scripture flies off the page and into my joyful heart. I remember as a little boy growing up in the liquor business some of the horrific things that little eyes should never see. From there into the drug culture where I was […]