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Christian Wisdom from Facebook

Posted by a local Pastor. . . .not my church but I could go there very easily.

It is time for You to act for Thy Law has been broken. Ps 119:126. We kicked God’s Word out of our schools in 1962. We ended our blue laws and today most people don’t even know what they were. We kill our unborn and have made criminal His morality. We spent $18 trillion we didn’t have. Our allies do not trust us. Our enemies are emboldened and we wonder why our economy is in a death spiral. Our leaders are corrupt and our government has become that Monster Stepenwolf sang about in the seventies. We have turned against Israel and our nation is horrifically divided politically, ideologically an racially. It was all as prophecied and Jesus will come to rescue us from this mess. And they mock me for believing the prophets. But I am on the winning team.


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