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Oh, You Thought 58 Gender Options Were Enough? You Thought Wrong.

Written by  Red Dawn  (Chicks on the Right)

Did you know that Facebook gives users 58 gender options? And did you also know that 58 is apparently not inclusive enough? That’s why they decided to add a 59th “fill in the blank option.”

“Now, if you do not identify with the pre-populated list of gender identities, you are able to add your own,” Facebook announced online Thursday morning.

ABC News reported that a transgender Facebook employee hopes that this move will help “open up the dialogue.”

Because obviously, 58 genders isn’t enough. I don’t even know why I’m surprised. For crying out loud, Wesleyan University doesn’t think the LGBT acronym is inclusive enough, so they changed it to LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM.



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