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I Hate The Conservative Media’s Coverage Of Phil Robertson, And Here’s Why

Written by  Red Dawn  (Chicks on the Right) I absolutely adore the Duck Dynasty clan. Everything about their story is inspiring. They’re a testament to hard work and the power of redemption which I thought was a thing to be celebrated here in America. But I’m really disappointed in some of the conservative media outlets. […]

Rev. Graham: America is ‘Morally Crumbling Within … We Have Turned Our Back on God’

February 24, 2015 – 10:03 AM By Michael W. Chapman ( – Reverend Franklin Graham said he did not know whether President Barack Obama dislikes America, as “America’s Mayor” Rudy Giuliani stated last week, but Graham said it is true that Obama “defends Islam and chastises Christians,” denies the “religious freedoms” of those who oppose […]


At a recent congregational meeting with the new denomination (ECO), there was several things said by the ECO representative that I was not totally thrilled with, but I have been a Presbyterian my whole life and find it hard to change.   As you might can tell I am not sure what I am going to […]

Seen on Facebook – Bible vs Koran

As I read through the Bible and the Koran simultaneously it makes me love the Bible more and my heart to break for Muslims. The Bible is so personal and intimate “How sweet are your words to my taste” Ps 119:103. Whereas the Koran in harsh, constant references to Satan and hell fire. Scripture leads […]

Humorous Epitaphs

Humorous EpitaphsHarry Edsel Smith of Albany, New York:Born 1903-Died 1942Looked up the elevator shaft to seeif the car was on the way down.It was.—-In a Thurmont, Maryland, cemetery:Here lies an AtheistAll dressed upAnd no place to go.—-In a Ruidoso, New Mexico, cemetery:Here lies Johnny Yeast.Pardon me For not rising.—-In a Uniontown, Pennsylvania, cemetery:Here lies the […]