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God Give Me Patience

Went to Home Depot yesterday.   While Dot looked at flowers and shiny objects I went to get a shelf for the garage so Dana could store his fish stuff on it to get it out of the family room.     Well after I picked out the one I wanted and loaded it on the cart and then wheeled it to where Dot was I was told it isn’t big enough to hold everything . . . . then when she found out the price ($99) she then decided it was too big and I was told we didn’t need it to hold a mountain that there must be one for about $30 that would do just fine.   Once again I am totally wrong in picking out the one that I think we need to do the job .  . . . and frankly after 44 years of being wrong about everything it is wearing on me a lot.   I wish she would meet that person she really wants who will do everything she wants without question and who has the psychic ability to make any choice that she would have made – I am not that person and I am tired, really tired. . . . . Please God help me.


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