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Church Tomorrow

Since I am the greeter at church tomorrow I will be going no matter what.  But with this super cold weather we are having part of me will want to stay home with a hot cup of coffee and a sweater or something on.    I know there are times I fall into the trap of not going to church for one reason or another and I regret it later on.

Browsing Christian websites that I have bookmarked and reading posts by the Christian folks I have as friends on Facebook, Twitter etc. is just not enough.  I know it but I stil fall into that trap once in a while.

If anyone actually reads this I apologize for boring you with it but it has been on my mind lately.



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Ken Davis and Super Sheep


I have loved Ken Davis since I first heard him on Focus on the Family with Dr Dobson.    I have since bought a number of CD’s so I could listen to him in my car and he is always worth a listen.   I hope you enjoy  these as much as I have – each of these videos are about 7 or 8 minutes long I hope you take time to enjoy them.

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Christmas Song by Pentatonix

I have watched a lot of videos by these young folks and love them all.   They are an acapella  group and they all have wonderful voices.   I taped and watched their TV special also this year and enjoyed every second of it.   Here is a video I just found in an E-Mail I get from various blogs. . . . I know you will enjoy it as much as I did.


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Thoughts on Church

Made it to church last Sunday;  actually I had to go because it was my turn to be the Greeter.  Even at my age that is something I can do;  smile say Good Morning and hand them a bulletin.   I am not be nature an outgoing person so this is a good way for me to meet the folks at the church.

I am one of those folks who tend to sit in the same place all of the time.   If someone else is sitting there I try to find an empty row somewhere near there.

Despite the fact that I don’t know the new songs the worship team sings every week I try to sing along as best I can.  I realize that singing the old hymns that I grew up with was not bringing in new people / young people so I have been slowly adjusting to the contemporary music and the guitars and drums – I just wish that they would throw in an old song once in a while.   I think I know why they don’t,  they are afraid that if they play an  old hymn that I would belt out the music louder and with my voice it might scare people away.

I wish I was a strong enough person to be a real disciple and help spread the word to everyone.

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It’s Sunday and I am Skipping Church

I just didn’t feel like moving much this morning so I am going to stay here and not move for a while (ok a long while).    I guess I am a bit depressed.   And I am testing a new program to post to my blogs (Windows Live Writer).

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God’s Hall of Fame

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Today’s Church

Yes,  I am going to start whining again.   I do miss the old hymns and wish they would sing them once in a while.    I am getting somewhat used to the new music and the guitars and  things but I look around sometimes and none of the congregation is singing along with the new music;  I always thought that the hymns were interactive and it was good that the congregation sang along with the music;  I sing along with the words on the screen but it just isn’t the same.

I liked the old churches like the one I grew up in that had a pulpit that the minister stood at while giving the sermon.  In todays church the minister just wanders around with the wireless mic they use.   Yep, the wireless mic  actually is good as everyone can hear better no matter how close they sit.

The minister used to wear a robe or a collar or something so everyone would know he was the minister and being neat and formal is kind of nice.

With all of that said here is a short video I just found that I think all of us old whiners should watch or listen to: